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With over 50 years of experience in finance and the investment markets between them, close friends Sam Paradice and Ben Cameron founded Truebell Capital in 2007.

The firm began as a small investment trust allowing a group of friends and wholesale investors to pool their funds to more efficiently invest in various small and medium sized ASX listed companies.

This group became known as the ‘True Believers’ because as the global financial crisis hit, their beliefs were soon tested. Out of this absolute belief in the process and the success that has followed, the Truebell name was born.

Over more than a decade later, Truebell Capital has a track record of delivering superior long-term returns in its fund and remains fully dedicated to its loyal clients.


Truebell Capital’s logo, The Wandering Albatross, is derived from the similarities between the aspirations and culture of the firm and the characteristics of the bird itself;

These have been arranged under the acronym of FLIGHT:

We are passionate about investing and being custodians over our clients’ wealth. This passion will ensure it is always our primary focus.

The Wandering Albatross lives at sea for over 6 months a year, focusing on its survival in extreme conditions.

L-Longevity, Lifelong Learning and Loyalty

We have a long-term approach and aim to build lifelong relationships with all stakeholders. We believe in, and support, a culture of continuous learning and on-going development.

The Wandering Albatross lives for over 50 years. They invest significant time and effort into the fewer numbers of offspring they have. They also pass knowledge down to the next generation relating to the syntax of various intricate dances.


It goes without saying and has been proven that we will always treat all stakeholders and operate with absolute integrity.

The Wandering Albatross chooses a sole mate for life.


We will look to grow our clients’ investments and our business, consistently ensuring sustainability is at the heart of this vision.

The young Wandering Albatross grows from a hatchling to be able to fly within a year.


We will strive to have humility in all our dealings.

The huge feats of the Albatross are little known, they have the largest wing span of any bird and can fly with ease in any weather.


To enable us to take a long-term approach to our investments we understand our client relationships are built on trust. We will always keep this front of mind.

The young Albatross is completely reliant on its parents’ long-range foraging for food.

Investment Process

The Truebell Capital’s investment process aims to enhance investors wealth over the long-term through a sound strategy of investing in companies that primarily demonstrate the below attributes;

1. Quality management teams who;
    a) own a meaningful amount of stock themselves and
    b) respect their shareholders
2. A track record of long-term earnings growth
3. High returns on Equity/Assets/Capital
4. Revenue and margin growth
5. A reasonable price relative to the medium/ long term outlook
6. Low growth in shares on issue over time
7. Low or no debt, or debt that can be paid down rapidly from cash flow