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Truebell - Ben Cameron

Ben Cameron

Ben Cameron is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Truebell Financial Group.  With over 25+ years in Corporate Advisory with business advisory firm Bentleys Queensland, Ben has the business analytical skills to identify companies with attractive attributes.

Ben is a respected and connected industry expert. As a trusted advisor and business confidant, he works with highly successful businesses and family groups across multiple sectors.

Ben is a thought leader in business advisory and solutions for the SME market. His expertise includes his role as lead advisor to assist multiple clients to complete sale transactions, acquisitions and joint venture deals. Ben has managed all facets of significant transactions from planning through to execution.

Ben’s experience includes guiding clients undergoing IPO and has been active in financial markets for almost 30 years.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Queensland, is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants in Australia & New Zealand, a Chartered Tax Adviser, a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.